School Age Program


As elementary schools are altering schedules for the 2020-2021 school year, we are here to serve your needs and the needs of your school-aged children with programs to help with distance learning and more.

A boost of confidence with homework, fun activities, and time with friends - your child has it all in our school age program. In our safe, secure environment, our staff will help your child during these uncertain times and our school-age program will serve as a valuable extension to your child’s elementary school experience.

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Our School Age Program Features

Providing two cohorts, both in a small, safe and manageable environment:

IDS #196 will begin this school year with A and B cohorts. Cohort A will be in school Monday and Thursday while cohort B will be in school Tuesday and Friday.

Explorers offer on-site care, off-setting the school district on-sight school days!

With our program complementing the ISD 196 schedule, cohort A will attend Explorers on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and cohort B will attend Explorers on Mondays and Thursdays. Both A and B cohorts will be at Explorers from 6:00am-5:00 pm. The maximum number of Kindergarten-5th graders will be 18 children per cohort.

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*Before and after school rates are in addition to the 9:15 am-3:45 pm rate.

-Most school agers will only attend Explorers two days a week.

-We have a limited number of spots for three days per week for school-agers - which would add on Fridays to the two-day schedule. There is additional pricing for the 3rd day.

*Each child must bring a tablet or laptop for distant learning. We provide WiFi.

Outdoor Adventures & Activities: Research shows that children’s muscles, bones, and emotional health benefit from physical activity. What better place to exercise and play than in the fresh air? Teachers oversee all physical activities in the security of our safe outdoor play environment.

Help with School Work: Your child benefits from working closely with skilled teachers in our small class setting. Your child receives guidance with digital learning school work, allowing him or her to enjoy the rest of the day—including family time in the evening.



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