123 Learn Curriculum

You can be confident in knowing that our curriculum, called 123 Learn, is designed with scope and sequence activities that are best suited for your child’s growth and development. 123 Learn Curriculum also incorporates the Minnesota’s Early Childhood Indicators of Progress (ECIPs) into lesson plans. Each age level, from infant to toddler to preschooler, has daily plans. Children learn best by repetition. Repetition is an essential key to the physical development of a child’s brain. The more something is repeated, the more likely children are to remember it! Repetition is available in a variety of forms, increases the likelihood of reaching children with different learning styles and provides a more comprehensive understanding of concepts.

123 Learn Curriculum provides a variety of fun and exciting themes. Each carefully selected subject incorporates a letter, color, number, shape, and activity, allowing each child hands-on opportunities for making learning fun and exciting! Each day is a fun learning adventure for your child with 123 Learn Curriculum.

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Lighthouse Explorers’ Mission

Lighthouse Explorers is a Christian child care center in Rosemount with the mission of providing children with access to exceptional early childhood education opportunities. Your child’s development is our top priority, helping them grow socially, physically, emotionally, cognitively, and spiritually. Our staff are knowledgeable, skilled, caring, kind, and loving, staying abreast of early childhood education competencies, training, and qualification standards. We are dedicated professionals that are enthusiastic about working with children! Children are the leaders of the future, and we consider it a great duty to help positively shape the minds and hearts of young children.

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Early Childhood Indicators of Progress

Within the realm of early childhood education, Minnesota has made it its mission to provide children with exceptional learning experiences. The early childhood years are an important time of rapid growth and learning, where children’s brains are developing more quickly at this time than any other. Not only are children learning about what they can do with their bodies, they are creating relationships with loved ones and are investigating how the world works as well as their place in it. This is a crucial time for children because of all of the complex brian development happening. So, it is imperative that children have access to early childhood education that meets and supports the needs of a growing brain.

In Minnesota, this set of expectations is called the Early Childhood Indicators of Progress: Minnesota’s Early Learning Standards (EIPs). The bedrock of this program is to ensure equitable access to a robust education across programs for all children. The areas of learning included in the EICPs are: physical and movement development, language, literacy and communications, mathematics, science, social systems, approaches to learning, the arts, and social and emotional development.

123 Learn Curriculum

123 Learn Curriculum is a professionally-planned preschool curriculum designed to be used in both family child care homes and centers. The activities are age-appropriate and designed to help the whole child grow and develop socially, physically, and intellectually. Our program will help prepare each child for kindergarten while opening the door for the children to be creative and express their artistic abilities.