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Our Preschool Room

Our preschool program focuses on teaching children self-control, social skills, reading readiness, and pre-math skills. In preschool, your children are participating in classroom activities like art, music, “Jesus story time”, and more activities that contribute to building a foundation in education as well as Christianity. Our preschool room focuses on fostering academic skills for your children and emphasizing the importance of the holistic development of the child, including sharpening emotional skills, social skills, and physical development skills. Our learning space is more than a classroom, it is an inclusive community where your child can learn about themselves, the power and love of the Lord, and the beauty of the world around them. For more information about our curriculum as a Christian child care center in Rosemount, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. If you would like to tour our facility, then schedule a tour with our staff. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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What Your Child Will Learn With Us

Each day we will have group time where your child will learn how to sit, listen, and learn. We focus on a letter, number, and shape each week. Your child will have many opportunities for social interaction, which will improve language skills, sharing with one another, and general social skills. Your child will also be offered a variety of sensory activities. In addition, we work fine motor abilities needed for coloring, writing, cutting, etc. We practice handwriting by writing in journals or practicing our letter or number of the week. We also work on basic math skills, patterns, measuring, and simple addition. We strive to build a great community in our classroom. Some of the things your child is going to learn in our Christian preschool program include:


Free, Unstructured Play

Children need to explore their imagination and let their creativity run free. Much of the activities that children partake in have limitations put in place by adults. While these limitations usually help protect the children from getting themselves hurt, they can, at times, prevent the child from learning real-life experiences. Whenever we can, we resist the temptation to direct your child in every single activity, leaving plenty of room for them to develop their creativity. Our preschool classroom is safe and nurturing, so when your child is pretending to build a flying car in a futuristic city or creating a work of art out of construction paper and craft materials, they can! Some things your preschooler will learn in our Christian preschool program includes learning how to make friends, learning how to cooperate, trying out different ways to problem solve, and critical thinking. Play is more than having fun — your preschooler is always learning!


Social Skills

Preschool is the perfect time to help your child get along with others, learn how to share, take turns, and sharpen conflict resolution skills. Frequently participating in a classroom with other kids helps your child learn to appropriately function in a group setting. They learn things like:

  • Working in groups

  • Cleaning up and helping to organize the classroom

  • Practicing manners

  • Developing conflict resolution

  • Developing communication and conversation skills

  • Confidence

  • Independence

In addition to these skills, your kiddo is learning how to listen, which isn’t just about staying quiet when they are told to. Listening is a part of communication, and their ability to hear and listen to what the teacher is saying, and what you, the parent, are saying, is something that will contribute to their advancement in the home and the classroom. Engaging in meaningful conversations starts here!

As a part of listening, your preschooler is also learning how to follow directions. Kids who do not know how to follow directions will likely face consequences with misbehavior growing up. It is normal for kids to get distracted, behave impulsively, and forget what they are doing, but it is critical for them to be able to understand how to take direction and follow instructions.


Motor Skills

Fine motor skills and gross motor skills open new doors to exploration, learning, and creative expression. Motor skills lay the foundation for academic learning in the future, as learning how to write and draw begins with the ability to hold a pencil and remain coordinated long enough to participate in games, projects, sports, and dexterity. There are a lot of activities that can increase muscle strength and coordination, preparing your child for more advanced skills, from holding a pencil and writing to learning how to play a musical instrument. We help your child develop these skills by providing opportunities like:

  • Opening and closing containers
  • Finger painting
  • Using a paintbrush
  • Drawing, scribbling and writing with crayons, pencils, and markers
  • Building with small blocks
  • Putting together small puzzles

Numbers, Counting, and Pre-Math Skills

Preschool prep your kid for the next step: kindergarten! In our Christian preschool program, your child will learn the foundations of math, which generally include numbers one to 10, counting up to 10 or 20, and learning numbers that correspond with objects. Learning to count backwards and seeing relationships between numbers, like adding and subtracting, are some more skills that your preschooler will learn here!

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As stated above, we understand the importance of strengthening your child’s cognitive and academic ability. But, we also believe that sensory skills, fine motor skills, and social skills are primary foundational building blocks that help create a child that is smart, intelligent, and ready to live out a Christ-like life. If you would like to find out more about our preschool curriculum, please don’t hesitate to contact us and ask! We would love for you to tour our facility as well, so you can get a sense of our kind and nurturing environment. As a Christian preschool we equip your preschooler academically, but also introduce them to Christian concepts and values that will prepare them in living a Christ-like life. Enroll your child with us today!