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Why You Should Get Cooking With Your Kid

A child's life is packed full with new experiences, giving them more than a handful of lessons to learn from and incorporate into their lives. Many things that we do in our day-to-day life come naturally to us and become a part of our daily routine, but for kids, these activities provide great ways to learn about themselves as well as the world around them. Have you ever walked into an early education center and noticed that your child's day is filled with playing and art? On the surface it may seem like not much is going on — this could not be further from the truth. These seemingly trivial activities hold lots of learning potential for kids, so it should come as no surprise that baking is an activity that offers a great opportunity for skill development as well as life lessons. Keep reading to learn why you should get baking with your kids, and the kind of advantages that it holds for your young ones. If you would like to enroll in our Christian Childcare Center in Rosemount contact us today.

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Increased Language Development

As you cook, you label ingredients and follow the steps of the recipe. This helps your child understand different vocabulary words and helps them also become better at understanding directions, which enhances receptive language skills. Explaining each step to your child also contributes to this. Talking and describing what you are doing can expose young children to new words and terms. As they get older, they will begin to be able to describe what they are doing but they see what they smell and how they feel. Following recipes can also help their reading ability, and they could even create their own recipe which helps them understand instructional writing.

Baking Enhances Fine Motor Skills

Depending on the recipe, there will be plenty of opportunities for your child to develop their gross and fine motor skills. Mixing the ingredients, rolling out the dough, slowly pouring ingredients into a bowl, and using cookie cutters are all great ways to enhance your child's fine motor skills, as well as their strength and control. These skills are essential for academic development like writing, coloring, cutting, and more.

It Helps Build Relationships

Taking time out of your day to bake with your children is a great way to spend quality time with them. If you have family recipes that have been passed down for generations, then it could be a great time to talk about family traditions. Cooking and baking with your children is also a great way to catch up on their daily lives, which helps strengthen communication. Spending time in the kitchen is also a great way for siblings to cooperate and interact positively, which helps strengthen their bond.

Baking Helps Build Confidence

The kitchen can be a great way to nurture a child's self-esteem, confidence, and self-worth. Age-appropriate cooking or baking tasks can help them feel like they are contributing to the overall goal, which can make them feel important. It also provides a great opportunity to encourage them and to celebrate their work. Children can feel a great sense of accomplishment when they have successfully prepared a meal or even a snack for their family.

It Teaches Them About Nutrition

When you involve your children in snack or meal preparation, kids learn the importance and value of nutrition.It also gives them the confidence to make meals from scratch instead of grabbing processed foods. Giving them experience in preparing their food also encourages them to learn about variety and balance in their food choices. Most importantly, however, involving your kid and cooking and baking gives them the confidence to continue cooking as they get older, which can have immense positive impacts on their health.

Cooking and baking shows kids the building blocks of their favorite recipes. Seeing raw ingredients transformed into meals can be eye-opening for kids with allergies as well. For example, just because a child who is allergic to peanuts cannot physically see peanuts in the food doesn't mean they aren't there, so they should always ask.

There are plenty more reasons to cook with your child, the most important aspect is that it is fun! Exposing your kids to new learning opportunities and spending quality time with them is a great way to get them to learn. At Lighthouse Explorers, we believe in helping shape your child into a well-rounded, smart, and loving person. To learn more about our core values, our curriculum, or if you have questions about enrollment, contact us today.