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Why Pre-K Education Matters

There are plenty of reasons why children need a pre-K education, the most important being that children are our future. Children need to be equipped with the tools and building blocks for success — without forgetting the fun, that is! Being a toddler at Lighthouse Explorers doesn’t get more fun! We strive to provide our children with the best foundation in education and academics, as well as faith and emotional and social well-being. We believe that the whole development of the child with God-like values will successfully prepare them for a bright future. For more information about our Christian childcare center in Rosemount, contact us today! If you would like to enroll your child, come take a tour of our facility. We look forward to hearing from you.

Before we dive in, however, we would like to take a moment to welcome you to our website! Lighthouse Explorers is a Christian child center that provides high-quality infant, toddler, preschool, and kindergarten readiness programs. Our goal is to prepare each child academically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually through a hands-on and interactive learning environment. Our emerging curriculum is designed to create a “love for learning” in each child while preparing students for school readiness. We achieve these goals by surpassing typical standards in early childhood education. View our curriculum, and enroll today!

Why Early Education Matters

Usually, when your child arrives at kindergarten, there is an understanding that they are ready to go and learn all the concepts that await them. Early childhood education is important because pre-K provides important building blocks like social, emotional, and physical development, not to mention the language and learning behaviors and literacy and math skills. In a nutshell, a quality early childhood education can boost cognitive skills that would otherwise be missed or glazed over later on in their education.

It Helps Build Literacy

Literacy development starts early on in life, and it’s more than just recognizing words and memorizing them — it is the action of recognizing relationships between words and the concepts behind them! Children are building on their vocabulary and beginning to read, write, and speak in full sentences. In addition to building their knowledge in the alphabet and print knowledge, they are learning how to speak and communicate better. Literacy extends beyond simply learning how to read and write, it helps your child communicate effectively with the world around them!

It Develops Mathematics Skills

Preschool math looks a little different than children sitting at desks memorizing multiplication sheets. Rather, children are learning the building blocks of math and understanding how math is tied into everyday life. Preschool children at our Christian child care center in Rosemount are making sense of the world around them and also learning how to problem solve! Your tot is learning numbers by counting objects and talking about the results. They are also learning the foundation of geometry by learning about shapes and their properties. Your children are sorting objects by color, size, and shape, and are becoming aware of patterns.

It Helps With Problem Solving

As your child begins to learn about their surroundings and explore new things, they are surely going to run into obstacles that force them to use critical thinking and problem solving without the help of an adult. Children in pre-K may become frustrated in their problem-solving attempts because they may only see one possible solution that may not be workable, so they are forced to think creatively and come up with other solutions. Your preschooler may need help at first discovering the possibility of other ways to solve their problems, but with their ever-expanding literacy and problem-solving skills, they will be able to discuss their problems and brainstorm with others about how to solve the problems they face.

In this same concept, your preschooler is also learning how to share! Instead of hogging a toy for themselves, they are letting their friend, classmate, or sibling take a turn with it, and may manage the situation by taking turns playing with the toy. Your tot is learning how to ask for help, say how they feel, and leave a situation when they feel overwhelmed.

It Helps Kids Learn How to Follow Instruction

Following instructions is a part of everyday life. It’s why we go to work, pay the bills, and drive on the right side of the road. It is an ability that we learn early on simply because it is involved in so many aspects of our lives. Following instruction requires a child to understand and reciprocate the same level of literacy, but also use their problem-solving skills to ask questions about appropriate steps to take to follow the instructions to seek clarification if they need it. It is not that your tot is being controlled! No. Rather, they must learn how to follow instructions so they can effectively function across multiple environments, whether it be in subsequent grade levels, visiting a friend's house, or playing in a park.

It’s Fun!

Early childhood education at our Christian child care center in Rosemount is fun! We love working with kids — we think they're the coolest! We use games, storytime, activities, and expressive play for children to learn about their surroundings, themselves, and more! The world is a cool place and very much a new experience for your tot. It can be overwhelming to learn so many things at once, which is why we foster a kind, caring, loving, and educational atmosphere for your kid. Our curriculum creates a fun learning adventure for your kid every day!

Lighthouse Explorers is inspired to create an environment where your child can develop the tools for a successful future! Visit our Christian childcare center in Rosemount today, and experience the difference. We look forward to meeting you!